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A Gentle Introduction to Optimal Design for Pharmacometric Models

PK/PD studies should be designed in such a way that the model parameters will be estimated with adequate precision and bias. This can be assessed by simulation, but depending on the study and model(s) involved, it can be impractical to evaluate many combinations of design variables. Optimal design tools allow us to quickly evaluate designs and even search over a design space for the best possible design.

In the webinar (recording available here:, we introduced basic concepts of optimal design, and then presented examples of how to inform PK sampling time selection using the R packages PopED and mrgsolve.

Instructors: Tim Waterhouse, Ph.D.
Kyle Baron, Ph.D.

Moderator: Matthew Riggs, Ph.D.

Date/TIme: Monday, 08-June-2020 from 12 pm (noon) – 1 pm (US EST)

We’ll use this forum to continue answering questions that were asked during the webinar and to continue the discussion with any questions to come.